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How does a person truly know if they have psychic abilities?

If you are expecting lightning to strike you down with confirmation, it is not going to happen, but I can tell you the signs will become more and more prominent. I’ve always been psychic since childhood but the type of environment that I was raised in did not have awareness of what was going on. I feel most of us suppress our abilities so we don’t stand out among family members or friends. When people don’t understand something they can automatically think it is “weird” or “evil.”

I shoved my abilities in the background but they were always there, no matter what my age. I saw things differently than those around me but always tried to appear normal. What happens though is the spiritual world and physical world become visible to us simultaneously. Where one person may only see what is before them, we can see the bigger picture and the past that brought the situation to this point.

So start paying attention to the signs around you. My signs showed up everywhere. I would have the same w…

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