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Do psychics find it easier to read another psychic?

The way I do readings is I do not do anything in person. I only do phone, I only do chats. I do this for a specific reason. I can’t make any judgments by appearance because a client is not physically in front of me. I am merely reading their energy and getting messages as soon as they start to ask me a question. So when a psychic, healer, or medium comes to me, they do not tell me what they are but their Spirit Guides will highlight a feature that will symbolize to me their gifts.

If they are a medium, they will show me the person receiving messages and from there I will convey to my client what I see. I might even see tarot cards or see that they are working more with an angelic realm. Their guides might even show me a special sign that they had given them to validate their path. I’ve seen this particularly with healers and shamans. From that point I will receive specific messages of their potential development that help validate what they are being shown.

So is it easier to read fo…

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